The New Member Experience

Meet Our New Member Educator!

As a PNM, I heard all this talk about “finding your home” and “running home” on bid day, but I never quite understood how that all made sense. After a year of being a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, I truly know what all of the talk was about. Finding my home in AOII meant finding the sisters who are always willing to go on the late-night coffee runs when we are knee deep in studying. It meant finding the sisters who push me to break out of my shell and run for positions I thought I could never have. It meant having endless opportunities to grow as a person and a leader and having sisters to encourage you through all of it. It means standing side by side with my sisters in numerous community service and philanthropic events.  It means your “big” doubles as your best friend and your favorite travel partner. It means having a sisterhood that is there for you in your hardest times. So now I know what it really means to find my “home” in AOII, and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

-Madeline Lato, PC Fall '17                                                                                                                            


The New Member Experience

A glimpse into some of the most treasured moments that you will experience as a new member!

Running home to 100 new sisters on bid day (aka the best feeling EVER!)

Sharing the new member experience with a pledge class full of amazing women!

Conquering the first day of school with sisters by your side!

Sharing the Alpha love with our mommas during new member tea!

Finding your other half at big little reveal!

Family Day Tailgates

Our favorite way to introduce our parents to our amazing school and wonderful sisters! (some mommas share that special AOII bond with us too!)

New Member Philanthropy

Each year, the new member pledge class constructs a new member philanthropy and supports a charitable cause together. This year, our new members had the priviledge of donating school supplies to flooded schools in Houston, TX!

Attending your first social

One of the most precious moments of your sorority experience...becoming an initiated member of Alpha Omicron Pi!

Sharing those final moments as a new member with the most important man in your life - the one who raised you to be the AOII woman you are today!

And so many more sweet moments in between!