Why Join AOII?

Letter from the Recruitment Team

Hi everyone! My name is Kelsey Lavigne, and I am the Vice President of Membership Recruitment of Alpha Omicron Pi, Kappa Tau Chapter. If you are looking for a home away from home, friendships that will last a lifetime, and memories to look back on forever, sorority recruitment is the way to go. Going through recruitment in the Fall of 2016, I knew immediately that joining a sorority would forever have a positive impact on my life. Having been in AOII for three years now, I am so confident that my love for my sisters has only grown since the first day I fell in love with the chapter during recruitment week. The love amongst sisters that you share these bonds with is unlike no other, and I can't wait for you to get to meet all of my AOII and panhellenic sisters in August. Participating in recruitment is the first step to joining a sisterhood that is perfect for you. During recruitment, you will meet so many women and hopefully connect with one that sparks a light in you. My advice for women participating in recruitment is simple: just be yourself. We are so excited to meet each and every one of you this summer during recruitment and we want to wish you the best of luck when finding your new home! 

-Kelsey Lavigne, Vice President of Membership Recruitment

Recruitment Dates

August 6th - Coffee Talk

August 7th - Fun With Philanthropy

August 8th - Fraternal Values

August 9th - Preference

 August 10th - BID DAY!

We hope that you get to experience all the wonderful things that Greek life has to offer and that you find your forever home here at Southeastern. Click here to register for recruitment! We can't wait to meet you in August!

Why Join AOII?

Women Committed to LIVE

When I decided to join a sorority, my first thoughts were that I would gain life-long friendships, the best study buddies, and lots of oversized sorority t-shirts of course! Little did I know that AOll would impact my life on a whole new level. AOll has given me an opportunity to be the best version of myself and constantly reminds me to set an example for my sisters as they do the same for me. Throughout my two years as an AOll, I’ve learned that I can always count on these women to hold me responsible and accountable for my actions because of the high set of standards that they continue to strive for on a daily basis. Not a day goes by that I regret going through sorority recruitment, because I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for being surrounded by women who challenge me, support me, and push me to be the best I can be! I am forever grateful for all the wisdom, guidance, laughs, and memories that AOll has given me and can’t wait for another two awesome years! 

-Emma Duffy, Fall '16

Women Committed to LEARN

Being only a sophomore in college, AOII has guided me to learn more about myself and my abilities as a woman than I ever dreamed. Shortly into my membership experience I had the opportunity to run for Vice President of Education, having responsibility over chapter programming and educating the chapter with the various membership educations that would happen over the year. One of my most treasured moments of my time in AOII so far has been travelling to Headquarters in Brentwood, TN to attend Leadership Institute. I remember hearing about all of the wonderful experiences my sisters had at our international convention in Washington D.C., so I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to attend a similar Leadership Institute this summer. At LI, I gained so much knowledge on topics that are prevalent within college settings today, and I learned how to educate the chapter on topics that encourage all of our sisters to live healthy lifestyles, making sure that they minimize stress in their lives and feed their mind, body, and spirit constantly. On top of all of this, with all of AOII's incentives to make good grades and with all of my sister's constant support, I maintained a 4.0 throughout my entire first year of college. I cannot wait to see what the next three years have in store for me!

-Sabrina Hughes, Fall '17

Women Committed to LEAD

Since becoming a member of AOII in 2016, my life has been blessed beyond measure. My sisters encouraged me to run for a leadership position my freshman year, and I haven’t looked back since. I have served as the Recording Secretary and Social Chairman for the chapter. Both of these are roles that have shown me my strengths in leadership and allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities as a woman. I know that all of these things that I will take away from AOII, even after my collegiate years, will be immesurable, and I cannot thank AOII enough for all of the things that it continues to teach me. I have been lucky enough to have so many strong role models in AOII that encourage me to be involved in both sorority committees and other campus activities. With my sisters’ unwavering support, I have grown as a confident leader and have been inspired with ambition!

-Allison Alario, Fall '16 

Women Committed to SERVE

I am forever thankful for AOII for giving me such an incredible foundation that I love and support. Before joining AOII, I had no idea juvenile arthritis was a possibility. Three summers ago I had the opportunity to attend a summer camp in Mobile, Alabama for kids with arthritis called Camp Mash. At the time I viewed it as simply something fun to get involved in, but little did I know it was an experience that was going to change my life forever. I fell in love with Camp Mash and every single one of my campers. Watching each child complete obstacles while facing adversity and pushing themselves to the next level or destination even when their condition was saying they couldn't was truly incredible. Because of them I am inspired daily to keep reaching for the stars. Upon graduation, I hope to attend medical school and pursue a career as an MD. My entire life I have had the dream of working in pediatrics and because of AOII and camp mash, I now aspire to specialize in pediatric rheumatology so I am able to continue to be a part of the fight and work to find a cure for JA. Last year, I had the honored of serving as Kappa Tau's philanthropic chair, raising close to $23,000 for the Arthritis foundation. Getting to see where our funds go and the kids that are directly impacted has left me speechless. My campers and kids all across our nation that are battling JA have such special ambition to succeed and I strive to be like them in every aspect of my life. They are so unique and have made me and continuously make me into a better version of myself. Thank you AOII for giving me an aspect of my future, Camp Mash, and a cause that I can stand for, support, and love the rest of my life.

-Ali Lebourgeois, Fall '15