For Parents

If you think we're should meet our PARENTS! 


        As AOII women, our number one priority is sharing our collegiate experience with the people who made us who we are today. Some of our most cherished events throughout the year include family day tailgates, Thanksgiving dinner, Founders' Day, family day weekends throughout the summer, and our multiple philanthropy events that our parents, siblings, and other family members attend. In addition, we love being able to share special events such as our first AOII Red Rose Formal and Smoke Out Arthritis with our sweet dads by our side. 

Our parents look forward to recieving their AOII newsletter each semester to see all of the fun things that we have been doing! One of our mothers' favorite memories is our annual New Member Tea, during which they get to experience all of the wonderful things about this sorority that we adore. They get to meet all of the people that make AOII so special to us, and we are so proud to have families that love AOII and going to events just as much as we do.

Parents, your daughters could not be in better hands in this organization; they will flourish and grow in ways that they never imagined, while taking you along with them every step of the way. We love our parents, and for those of you who may be future AOII parents, we cannot wait to meet you in the fall!



For more information on your daughter's journey through becoming a member of AOII, click here!