If you are looking for a home away from home, friendships that will last a lifetime, and memories to look back on forever, sorority recruitment is the way to go. Going through recruitment in the Fall of 2016, I knew immediately that joining a sorority would forever have a positive impact on my life. Having been in AOII for three years now, I am so confident that my love for my sisters has only grown since the first day I fell in love with the chapter during recruitment week. The love amongst sisters that you share these bonds with is unlike no other, and I can't wait for you to get to meet all of my AOII and panhellenic sisters in August. Participating in recruitment is the first step to joining a sisterhood that is perfect for you. During recruitment, you will meet so many women and hopefully connect with one that sparks a light in you. My advice for women participating in recruitment is simple: just be yourself. We are so excited to meet each and every one of you this summer during recruitment and we want to wish you the best of luck when finding your new home! 

Paige Coleman

Vice President of Membership Recruitment

Alpha Omicron Pi - Kappa Tau


August 11th - Coffee Talk 

August 12th - Fun with Philanthropy

August 13th - Fraternal Values

August 14th - Preference

August 15th - BID DAY, BEST DAY

We hope that you get to experience all the wonderful things that Greek life has to offer and that you find your forever home here at Southeastern. Click here to register for recruitment! We can't wait to meet you in August!